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The Observer.


Samasu, Shikou [狭間朱, 紫公]
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(( Name: Samasu Shikou (( 狭間朱 ,紫公 - Cramped Space Scarlet, The Purple Lord/Prince ))
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Dorm/School: Hermos Red / Duel College
Year: 1st
Current Deck: Necromill

Description: Messy pitch-black hair that goes to the upper-mid back, in a style that is reminiscent to some of a wolf. He has very tanned skin, blue eyes, and has a fairly lean, yet well-built body... If somehow "unnatural", due to him being so small, and yet having incredible strength. He has very sharp pointed teeth that seem more at home in a canine, and claw-like hands.
Personality: A very nice, polite, and friendly sort. He can and will help you, no matter what the case, and is incredibly patient and understanding to one's plights... Which comes from the fact that he can not experience the emotion of "hatred", due to a mental defect. He'll tend to dwell on old issues though, including events that have long since passed that he took an active part in, and feels immense regret for, adding onto his barely ignored depressive state.

A part of this depressive state comes from his taste for human flesh, something that disturbs and yet entices him. However he has mostly been conditioned to try to ignore temptations, though specific proddings will result in him becoming unstable.

It is noted that even outside of any alterations to the personality, due to outside influences, Shikou's personality is, for the most part, artificial, having been formed as a result of hypnosis over the course of most of his life. As a result of this, he is also easily and incredibly impressionable, to the point where if someone says something enough... He'll believe it.

Abilities: Incredible physical strength, to the point of being super-human. He has great reflexes and a high intelligence, making him difficult to take down if he's paying attention to his surroundings.

Also is a terrakinetic due to the same source that gave him his strength, but has no yet realized his abilities, despite them popping up sometimes.

Has the ability to give forceful commands through hypnotic suggestions using his voice, due to Wakahisa, Noriko, out of his desire to be able to make others listen, when he's trying to help. He is very disturbed by the ability, and finds great effort in even using it. ))